Stay Delusional

Once upon a time
In a land called Musical Theatre,
There lived some very delusional people.
Some thought they lived in Scotland, while others, New York
Still others thought they lived in the land of crew, and one group lived in a pit
But the pit people weren’t actually crazy; they did live in a pit.

Every night they went far away to these lands and played make-believe
It was fun
It was exciting
It was family

Among these crazy people were even more delusional people.
See, these people had something wrong with them,

But still kept going back to this land every night.
Broken arms
Broken toes
Stress fractures
The flu, and
Kidney stones

The show must go on!
And the show did.
I bet you didn’t know Mitchel had a broken arm
Kristyn broken toes,
Haley, a stress fracture
Jessa the flu
And Ellie, kidney stones

Theatre is a magical place
Not only can you travel anywhere
Be anyone
You can also
Do anything…
…with in reason.

So stay delusional Fine Arts Department
Stay Classy.

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