Meet the Artist: William Toney

552806_10201047076449066_1579359936_nPursuit Fine Arts, Will’s 8th grade year….we worked on African theatre and Will played a Lion…That VOICE!  Myself and our presenter were amazed that voice came from a 14 year old.  Through these three years  it has been fun working with and watching Will grown as an actor, singer and human.  Looking at him, people could be intimidated, but shouldn’t be.  Will is the sweetest person in the Fine Arts Wing.  So, Here is William Toney!

1. What inspired your journey into the Arts?

I began performing in the arts, because I have always had a passion for singing. I figured, musicals involve singing, so I decided to try it out and the I have just enjoyed performing from that experience.

3. What are your funniest and worst experiences performing in front of an audience?

In 7th grade I had a solo at my school concert. When I went to sing, all the lyrics went blank from my head so I just stood there looking like a Baboon. I was so embarrassed!

64417_612017998813265_1879592959_n5. What are you most proud of and what dreams or goals would you like to fulfill?

I am very proud of how much I have excelled in Life thus far. My main goal is to become very successful in my life and do the best I can in everything.

6. What do you want to do After High School? Do you have any dreams or hopes for the Future? Do you know where you are going to school?

After I finish my time in High school I plan on going to college and getting my Degree, I’m not exactly sure what it’s going to be in, but hopefully it’s something I really love and enjoy. I do not know what school I am going to attend; I have two more years for that.

7. Which three famous people would you invite to dinner and why [dead celebrities included]? And what tasty treat would you prepare?

I would invite Paula Deen because; she is such a fantastic cook. Johnny Depp, I believe be a very interesting person to have at a dinner table. Michael Buble his style of singing is very smooth. I would prepare filet mignon, with a side of scallop potatoes, and spinach, with apple pie as dessert and red wine for the drink.

389284_3963915583860_164278853_n8. What is your favorite genre of music? Why?

I do not really have a set genre of music that is my favorite. I really just like the music in generally. I most likely will go for the type of music that fits my mood at that moment.

9. Have you read any plays lately? What are your favorite?

The latest play I have read is, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940. I do not really have a favorite at this point.

10. Tell us 5 interesting and unknown facts about yourself!

A- my favorite time of the year is when it’s time to go school supply shopping.
B- I like to act crazy lunatic roles
C- I really hate having long fingernails
D- The sound/ feeling of a metal fork scraping against teeth makes me feel as though there are centipedes crawling in my skin.
E- Christmas music makes feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

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