Meet the Artist: Katie Bandurski

944330_377387759032506_520659743_nKatie Bandurski has been involved in the HHS theatre as not only an actor, but a costumer as well.  She is one of those kids that wants to be involved no matter what, and this is what makes her so special.  Weather it’s on stage or off, Katie is having fun and working hard.  She is also one of the nicest people in the world!  So, here is Junior, Katie Bandurski!

What inspired your journey into the Arts?
I’ve never really been “artistic” in the sense that most people imagine; I can’t paint, sculpt or draw to save my life! But in middle school, I began to delve into the art of communication through plays, speeches and forensics, and I’ve been involved ever since.

Who is your Character and how have you created that personality? What has been the biggest challenge you have come across in your character so far?
Currently I’m involved with the Acting Seminar production “Ajax in Iraq” as the Greek goddess, Athena. I’ve determined that although she is wise, her sadistic nature can take hold and control her actions; she is also conceited and power-hungry.

What are your funniest and worst experiences performing in front of an audience?
Worst – Forgetting the Introduction to my Forensics piece during the first round. I stood there awkwardly for a good 10 seconds before I moved on.

If you had a chance to work with anyone of your choosing, who would it be?
Tom Hanks. He’s played so many versatile roles and I would love to get some acting tips!

527410_460108127360684_1244335313_nWhat are you most proud of and what dreams or goals would you like to fulfill? 
I guess I’m most proud of the incredible connections I’ve made with my fellow cast members. As for dreams, I would love the opportunity to perform in a professional production of some sort.

What do you want to do After High School? Do you have any dreams or hopes for the Future? Do you know where you are going to school?
After high school I plan on pursuing a degree in Journalism, but I would love to keep acting as a hobby.

Which three famous people would you invite to dinner and why [dead celebrities included]? And what tasty treat would you prepare?
Marie Antoinette, Simon Baker, and Rupert Grint, mainly because it’s a really random assortment of people and I’d be interested to see what conversations begin. I would serve couscous.

What is your favorite genre of music? Why?
I listen to a lot of different stuff, but mainly it’s some form of alternative music: Death Cab for Cutie, the Killers, Fun., Imagine Dragons, the Avett Brothers, I could go on forever!

539279_450015801703250_273190276_nHave you read any plays lately? What are your favorite?
I love Shakespeare’s “The Taming of the Shrew,” and even though it’s a novel and not a play, “The Catcher in the Rye” is by far my favorite book. I think Holden would have a very interesting stage presence.

Tell us 5 interesting and unknown facts about yourself!
1. I used to have a pet lobster named Lucifer.
2. I have been a vegetarian since 7th grade.
3. My favorite TV show is Criminal Minds.
4. I’ve reread the Harry Potter series every summer since 5th grade.
5. I love thrifting.

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