Meet the Artist: Michaela Miller

385574_449337368443074_249106254_nMichaela has always been a person I liked.  At first for her hair, then as a human.  She is also a very talented actress and costumer.  She has a natural way of acting that brings her characters to life and makes us want to watch her.  I hope you have all seen her act, and are waiting for more as she is only a Sophomore!  Enjoy!

1. What inspired your journey into the Arts? Why did you get into Theatre?
I have always had an interest in performing in some way. I loved just being a center of attention. It at first was singing and joining choir at my old schools and being the singer for my middle schools jazz band in NC. When I came to HHS I though I would try out for the fall play as something new and a way to disconnect from reality.

2. Are you performing in any current projects? Who is your Character and how have you created that personality?
I am currently in the Seminar Theatre Production, Ajax in Iraq. I play Judy, a veteran who doesn’t feel supported by her country, A NOG soldier, and a chorus member. With Judy I have found anger and sadness. With the NOG soldier I found confusion and fear as well with the Chorus member.

3. What are your funniest and worst experiences performing in front of an audience?
My funniest experience, well I really don’t think I have had one except for just funny scenes in the shows. The worst, I was a sheep (but hey I had a line in my first show).

179930_377392972365318_1039324306_n4. What kind of role you want to do the most?
Probably something more of a romantic comedy.

5. Who is your role model? Why?
My role model would probably be Chloë Moretz because she’s so young and just so talented and can play any role thrown at her.

6. If you had a chance to work with anyone of your choosing, who would it be?
Probably her.

7. What is better to perform in theater or film?
Well I haven’t performed in film, but I feel as if it would be easier because you can keep restarting. In threatre you have to keep going even if you mess up and it is live.

8. Have you read any plays lately? What are your favorite?

73993_460083924029771_716232924_n9. Which has been the best character role that you have performed?My characters in Ajax are probably the best because I have lines, and cool scenes to work with, not just an extra.

10. What kind of character roles do you prefer?
I really like the challenging roles I currently have.

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