The Hobbit Auditions

hobbit Auditions

For the Fall show, we always like to start the year off right, with fun.  So the auditions are fun, easy and entertaining.

The Hobbit Audition Dates:
Sept 3rd @ 3-5 in the Black Box theatre
Sept 4th @ 3-5 in the Black Box theatre
***Please don’t come to both, as much as I enjoy your company, you only come one day to auditions.  From there I narrow it down for Callbacks.

Sept 6th @ 3-5 in the Black Box theatre
A callback is when the director calls you back in to see you read again for the parts of the play.  By this time I’ll know what parts I’m looking to fill and who might be good to fill them.

WHEN: Monday September 9th
TIME: 3-5
WHAT:  Lots of fun!  It’s back by popular demand!

But What to I PREPARE for Auditions?

Luckily I’m a nice lady for the first auditions of the year and give you a lovely packet. So, look for it at HHS registration on August 15th or online around that time as well!

Within the packet is everything you need for the auditions (besides a fully clothed human body and an open mind).

While you don’t have to memorize your audition piece, think how impressed Ms. Figg-Franzoi will be if you do come memorized.

Practice with other people, but know that you will be jumping up and doing scenes with new people at times.  Be open to this, it’s fun!

Reading the Scenes is only part of the audition.  Next comes the Improvisation part.  We have lots of fighting in this play and physical acting, so I’ll be asking you to move, dance, and become different types of people. So remember to dress appropriately, while I do enjoy a good skirt and sandals, maybe for this audition you bring something to change into after school.

Also show me you are willing to “look silly” during auditions.  We will all “look silly” together, so join us!

We will also be improvising scenes together, little scenes with a theme I’ll give you.

So, sit back, relax, have fun and join us for the Fall play auditions!

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