“My parents certainly didn’t have anything to do with the theatre. I’m some kind of accident.”   – Alan Rickman  

Photo of the Week

The culmination of this past week’s rehearsals led to this photo….Katie learning how to back hand and kick Joe in the stomach.  This later led to all the girls on stage chanting “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!” at Thorin and Bilbo and Joe shouting “It’s not in the Text!!!” On Monday, we had a successful rehearsal of … More Photo of the Week


“When I sit alone in a theatre and gaze into the dark space of its empty stage, I’m frequently seized by fear that this time I won’t manage to penetrate it, and I always hope that this fear will never desert me. Without an unending search for the key to the secret of creativity, there … More Quote

Bilbo’s Luck

Bilbo is originally chosen as the “lucky number,” so that Thorin and Company will not be an unlucky thirteen. During the course of the expedition, Gandalf remarks several times that Bilbo is extraordinarily lucky. Some of his luck seems to be the deserved reward for Bilbo’s courage and determination. For example, after attempting to find … More Bilbo’s Luck