Gammy misses her kids.

So, last year it was decided that I was spread too thin and that I should hire someone else for one of my 20 jobs at HHS.  The things that I had to give up was Stage Crew.  Wayne found a wonderful woman named Becca, who has been working with us.  The first thing I said to my stage crew children, was “Don’t scare her away, we like her.”  They haven’t scared her yet and they are just as ridiculous as ever.

Somehow, every Tuesday and Thursday I’ve started crew with the kids, but escape to go costume shopping (they know me very well at Joann Fabrics).  Any road, last night was different.  I tried to escape all night, but with no luck.  My one goal that night was to go to Donges Bay and grab more brown paper and buy green tissue paper, only one of those things happened.  Before I left, I put Rachel and Sveta on the job of making three barrels for the dwarves to jump in.  It was a little more difficult then we thought, but with me curling the Masonite around myself and us pushing it against a wall, we made our first one.  I then ran to Donges Bay and grabbed paper.  Upon my return, Wayne had the guys building the barrels (because they would be faster).  This was not the case, Anthony, Nathan, Devon, Jacob and even Randy broke the masonite. I was thwarted once again in my escape as Rachel, Sveta and I went to work again.  Success on the second barrel.  Anthony and Jacob attempted making the third barrel.  I was about to leave when I once again put my stuff down to help the gentleman.  Anthony broke the masonite.

It was determined that only Sveta, Rachel and I were talented enough to create these apparently hard barrels.  Nathan, our professional, was not pleased.

I finally escaped to unsuccessfully find green tissue paper at 8:30.  I had so much fun talking with everyone and helping build. The world was right again.  Erin and Becca creating the dragon, Anthony and Derek sheeting the hobbit hole, Jacob and Devon putting up with Nathan and Anthony.  Michael helping out, Collin creating rocks from paper and fabric… all was right with the world… Oh and Clare and Max were there as well… being themselves.

I just want you all to know, that I miss you and look forward to the next two weeks of Tech because I’ll see you.  I will yell and we will all get frustrated with each other, but we do this out of love… Collin will go crazy, Rachel will be irritated with everyone and make the best remarks ever, Max and Clare will be crazy, Sveta and Nathan will argue, and Erin  will yell at Derek.

So, lets get this show done!!!

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