October 5 is World Teachers’ Day!

This is one of those times I really wanna know all about the amazing teachers who changed your lives for the better. Promise me you’ll write it in the comments?? Cuz I’ll be reading them for sure!

Here’s a short list of mine: Mr. Stark, Ms. Winnie, Mrs. McCain, Mr. Bauer and Debra Krajec (there are so many more though).  Thank you, superfantastic people, for believing in me, teaching me things you probably had no idea you were teaching me, and for working hard to make the world a better place — one kid at a time.

I also challenge you to write that teacher a note, telling them how much they meant to you, and how much they helped.  You will make them smile and brighten their year if you take the time to thank them.

Story time: My father is a Professor and 35 years after graduating from undergrad, he’s decided to go visit his old professors.  This coming weekend, he’s heading to his college town to meet up with is old professors to tell them just how much they shaped him and helped him grow into the person he is today.  Don’t wait 40 years, do it today.

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