Theatre For Social Justice: The Hobbit

Why this theme for the season? Why not? Theatre has been used for centuries to bring to light to social issues, to protest, to uplift and to teach.  At Homestead, we feel that we should use theatre to shed light on some social issues that seem to fall through the cracks. We are not here to start a movement of sorts, but  would like to allow discussion and maybe a new way of thinking. Maybe someone in our audience will be inspired to change the world how ever big or small change that may be.
Everyone thinks that teenagers are “me” orientated, constantly plugged in and never thinking about others. Hopefully with this season, we will open not only the eyes of the participates in the shows, but some teenaged audience members as well

Homestead High School’s Theatre Department is putting on J.R.R. Tolkein’s The Hobbit next weekend. This family-friendly play reflects the efforts of 104 students and is the first production of Homestead’s Theatre for Social Justice season where each show is tied to a specific societal issue. The Hobbit focuses on racism and homelessness, and money/supplies will be raised for the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.


So, in that vein, if you bring an item to donate you get $1 off your ticket price!  All items will be to donated to the Milwaukee Rescue Mission.

Some needed items are:

•    Spring coats for men, women and children (all sizes)
•    Cold and cough medicine/cough drops
•    Boy and girl size tops and bottoms size 3T, 4T, 5T, 6, 7, 8
•    Boy and girl underwear size 2, 3, 4
•    Toddlers socks
•    Cereal bars
•    Midol
•    Orajel
•    Aveeno Eczema Baby Cream
•    Plastic Spoons
•    Napkins
•    Tissues
•    Baby care items
•    Health products
•    Personal care items
•    Paper products
•    Home cleaning products
•    Kitchen tools and supplies
•    Fruit, lunch snacks
•    Home electronics
•    Clocks and watches
•    Store gift cards

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