Acting 1

I haven’t spoken about my classes this trimester and today, I really want to tell you about my Acting 1 class this year.

IMG_1816Right at this moment we are in the Lab and my 26 students are huddled over keyboards typing away, talking and sometimes jumping up to act out something they are talking about.  They are writing a short film script which they will eventually film and show everyone.  The energy in the room is alive and I can feel the creativity.

This whole trimester I have been amazed, this class not only works well together, but has the most interesting and different ideas.  They range in age from 14-18 and in level of love and knowlegdge of theatre, some having acted before, but most having never picked up a script.

IMG_5122During the first week of classes I realized this was a special class.  We were doing team building games, “The Human Knot” is particular.  Groups of six had to untangle their arms without dropping hands.  This was easily accomplised.  Next I challenged them to do 13, two groups.  Again, they spoke to each and work it out, becoming a circle in no time.

“Ok, lets go back to class.”

“Lets try the whole class!” a couple students suggested.

“That’s really hard.”  I explain.

“Ok!”  And they start holding hand and tangling themselves up.

IMG_4910It took some time, but no one gave up and they did it.  Never have I seen that, 26 students willing enough to stick out and fix the problem.  It was at that moment I knew this was going to be a special trimester.

Throughout these three months, they continue to surprise and enlighten.  One student made up an acting game we now play and creatively things of ways to attack his characters.  Every student is willing to work with anyone and they can really listen.

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