One Act Amuses Me

As I sit here in a new trimester, with no One Act class I smile.  No, it’s not because I’m happy I don’t have those kids anymore, I smile because it’s 2nd hour and I’ve already seen most of them already.  They just can’t stay away!  As I look back at the trimester and read their final exams I wonder what I did to them.  I’m not sure if it’s my fault the One Act class has developed into these personalities, but I’m perfectly happy with them.

As I read the finals, their personalities jump out at me, either sassy, funny, sweet or odd, each student’s identity clearly comes to life on the page.  Such answers as “I wish I grew as a theatre technician but unfortunately I am done growing and have stayed at my disappointing five feet height” amuse me as they find comedy in their essay.  And I use the term Essay loosely.  As I handed them the essay assignment, they all groaned, “An essay?!”  So, clearly, they got creative!

A series of Haikus

This one is seven
This one clearly should have five
Wait, that is not right

The first line is five?
I am rusty on haikus
Okay, let’s start now

This is a big cast
We all really like to talk
We are distracted

We wanted to play
We also wanted to work
Why can’t we do both?

Working together
Everyone is essential
We have done good play

We are all bunnies
Jumping in this crazy play

Clearly I will miss them!?

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