Weight Room time: Carousel

The original four

So, I thought it time to write about our new thing during rehearsals for the musical…  Weight Room training!

I hope I don’t jinx it!

It all started last Thursday when I was working with my Carnival Dancers.  I tried to teach them two very hard lifts, that we decided we all could do if we all bulked up and worked our cores.

“We could do weight room training,”  Mitchell suggested.

We all laughed.

“Freshmen year I told Johnny we should lift weights, he thought I was joking.”  Joe told us about the last attempt at going to the weight room for the Musical.

Gaze at Mikah’s face…

“Let’s actually do it,”  Mitchell exclaimed and started planning.

Friday rolled around and I thought nothing of the conversation the day before.  That is, not until Mitchell bounded in the room after rehearsal ready to workout.  Joe, Will and Jonathan all looked very surprised, but got ready to get pumped!

It started out with four boys doing arms and core from 5-5:30 after rehearsal and now has grown in to a group of actors ready to hone their tools (their body).  I wrote a note to the cast over the weekend, explaining our weight room session… they all thought we were joking.  That is until Monday happened and a group of kids headed to workout after rehearsal.


Working legs!

Every other day they alternate between upper and lower body… yesterday they tortured themselves with lower body, doing lunges, running a mile, squats, and more.

Flexing on a Flex Day!
Flexing on a Flex Day!

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