2nd Tri Acting 1 Final films

For the second Trimester of the year I taught 3 Acting 1 classes… yes, I know, that is an excessive amount of Acting 1 classes, but luckily they were all fun.  Each class had a different personality, filled with interesting and slightly annoying students.  3rd hour was dominated by sophomore boys, and we all know how I feel about that breed of human.  This was my most creative class, always asking questions, getting along with everyone and forming a bond strong enough to put up with nicknames such as “Useless Pile of Poop,” fondly shortened to “Poop,” “No Friends” and “Long.”

Next we had my 4th hour Acting 1 which was widely known as my class of angels.  They were hard working, listened, interested and went above and beyond with every assignment (doesn’t sound like an Acting 1 class, right?).  Mainly dominated by freshmen, these eager beavers kept my seniors in line.

And finally I ended each day with my 5th hour heathens.  I always knew it was the end of the day because they were my loudest class and most involved.  Chaos ran wild from 1:20-2:30 on a daily basis.  Another class dominated by freshmen, this class laughed, fought and cried together.   I’m pretty sure this class got worse at listening as the trimester wore on.  But they were always eager to do well and made me laugh.

For the Acting 1 classes final, they had to write a film and then produce it.  Here is were their creativity lead them….

3rd Hour:



4th Hour:


5th Hour

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