The First Woman Behind a Camera, Now Forgotten

Hardly anyone remembers Alice Guy-Blaché, the first female movie director. Now filmmaker Pamela Green—who calls Guy-Blaché the Mark Zuckerberg of her time—is on a mission to get Alice’s story on the silver screen. She wrote, directed, or produced more than 1,000 films. At age 23, she was one of the first filmmakers to make a … More The First Woman Behind a Camera, Now Forgotten

Film acting

Sometimes, when I see photos like this, I can’t wrap my mind around how people can focus on giving natural, nuanced performances while surrounded by people pointing screens and cameras at them. Film acting is such a different world than stage acting. I can’t imagine the mindset necessary to stop and start from various places … More Film acting

The Year in Review

I have been mulling over what to write for the past week, this post marks our 100th post.  So it seems fitting that the 100th post be a year in review.  Just a little under a year ago Homestead Theatre started this blog and I’m surprised it’s lasted this long… yes there were a lot … More The Year in Review