Meet the Alum: Andy McCain

Andy McCain HHS 2004
Andy McCain
HHS 2004

1. What do you do now?

388689_10150448420961131_417243928_nI am currently an AEA Membership Candidate. I work for Artspot Education Theatre. We tour to different countries performing original musicals in English for students learning it as a secondary language. So far I have toured to 14 countries, including: United Arab Emirates,  Qatar,  Turkey, China, Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia. This summer I will be playing Sir Robin in Spamalot out in Fort Collins Colorado. Spamalot opens June 5 – August 24. Then it’s back to NYC to continue living the dream!

2. What did you do in HHS theatre?

Well when Mrs. McCain (Mac) was the theatre and musical director, I performed in every play and musical  throughout my high school career. Favorite memory? Hello Dolly was a very fun time. Also winning state for One Act senior year.

3. Did you go to school?

Catawba College BA in Theatre Arts

39627_152465831434082_7760582_n4. How do you think the Arts help the community? Does it?

With out art the Earth would just be Eh….I know I stole that phrase…but it’s true. HHS theatre is great way to build confidence, establish wonderful friendships and having a great time entertaining your community. We need art because as a society when we connect with a story, our subconscious is affected and helps us to live more in the moment and appreciate people around us as well as life before, present and after us.

5. Advice to current HHS students?

1517606_10151849100537647_999159296_nFor every tweet you write: read a play. For every text you send: read a play. For every time you would rather be on your phone and not engaging with the people around you creating something, read a play. Read a play with your friends. The more you connect with people face to face the better your confidence and overall appreciation for the human connection will be. Thanks again guys!

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