Filling Friday

IMG_5216It’s 9pm on a Friday night and I’m in the presence of 30 Drama Club students watching Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland.”  It’s Drama Club movie night!  Everyone is snuggled in blankets, perched on couches or sitting on pillows with piles of food around them in our wonderful Black Box Theatre.

IMG_5629But don’t worry, this wasn’t the start to our evening, no… these kids have had a filling Friday.  Of-course we had school, compiled with classes and things to fill our heads with.  But the magic starts when the bell rings and the school goes home for the weekend.  Today the Fine Arts Wing was a twitter with energy.  The “Alice in Wonderland” cast rehearsed and created the Trial Scene from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland while other brave souls auditioned for the AFS Variety Show.  We had dancers, singers, comedians, and hula-hoopers line the halls.  There were Actors rehearsing with ipads and writing their script.  Everyone was alive and ready to start their weekend right.  Finally at 8pm they all piled into the Black Box, junk food in hand to watch a different telling of the classics Lewis Carroll wrote over 150 years ago.

These are the days I live for!

Dram Club Movie Night!
Dram Club Movie Night!

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