Love Letters

SI14_HHS4_ALICE_2481It’s no secret that theatre people are very attached to each other and generally have no qualms about displaying their love of the theatre and one another to the world. But this year, the seniors decided to show their love in a different way. That is, through handwritten letters.

During the first few Alice in Wonderland rehearsals, it became apparent to a few juniors and seniors that there was a distinct disconnect between the upper and lower classmen. It’s not that we didn’t like each other; we just didn’t know each other. So a small group of seniors and one junior stayed after rehearsal to discuss what we could do about this problem and decided to start something that quickly became known as “Love Notes.”

SI14_HHS4_ALICE_2484For the last three weeks, each senior and one junior involved in the show was assigned 3-4 members of the cast that we were to get to know better. At the the end of the week, we wrote each person a letter telling them what we liked about them as a person or an actor or both. Everyone in the cast got a letter, including our director.

While some people might think this is the cheesiest thing that they have ever heard, it has been hugely beneficial to the cast. Not only do the underclassmen feel more comfortable talking to the upperclassmen, but the upperclassmen have realized that it is their responsibility to make everyone feel welcome.Through these letters, connections were created, friendships were forged and smiles were spread. Personally, I believe that this cast, despite it’s large size, is one of the closest bonded cast that I have been apart of. Everyone is seen as an equal, nobody is inferior and all are loved.

By: Alex Gieske (Drama Club Co-President)

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