Lessons Learned in Theatre that Serve any Student well almost Anywhere

1. Always show up, on time – the curtain will open without you.

2. Pay attention, stay present to instructions and correction.  Self-discipline is the key to growth and success in theatre.

3. Learn to take correction without being resentful.

4. Work to discover several creative solutions to your theatre-making and reflective essay writing assignments – that’s called divergent thinking, and critical thinking skills – you need them in many settings.

5. Work at your ability to self-assess your own performance, and self-correct; this amounts to taking responsibility for your own improvement and outcomes.

6. Learn teamwork skills and communication skills so that you can work with other actors, designers and directors – these skills will translate well into all other life situations where two heads are better than one.  It’s also called collaboration.

7. Learn to genuinely value what you learn from working with those who are different from you – different in size, shape, color, gender, sexual preference, skill level, socioeconomic background, political/religious tradition, etc. etc. etc. (to quote Yul Brynner).

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