AFS Variety Show auditions!

10533180_804710309567129_3406596103549056869_oI know, I know… auditions.  So nerveracking.  Add on top of that auditioning for a Variety show!

But really, it’s so much fun!  The AFS show is truly a place where anyone at HHS can showcase their talent!  “But what if I don’t have a talent?”  Everyone has a talent!  You don’t have to know how to sing or play an instrument to be in the show.  You can do anything?  A monologue, skit, stand-up comedy, a magic show.  Can you play glasses of water?  Do you want to learn how to play glasses of water?  Come on down!

Auditions are September 18th from 3-8pm in the 700 wing (Music and Theatre wing).  


I know, but the audition can be a sketch of what you want to do.  You have a month to perfect your talent after the audition!

10534886_803364739701686_8093977807562993647_oRehearsals start Oct 26 after school with the shows being Nov 6 and 7th.  The great thing with the rehearsals is that you are only called one day the first week and two days the second week.  Are you in sport at that time?  No problem, we only need you for 15 mins that day.  So go to practice and then we will schedule a time for you to quickly run in to rehearse with us.  Don’t let your life get in the way of being a STAR for a weekend!

10517658_803064623065031_4388546054897161949_oWhen you perform at the AFS show you get nervous before you perform, but then on stage people shout your name, whoop and holler, it’s amazing!  So don’t miss this chance to perform once in your life!  It’s a once in a lifetime experience!

I challenge you all to take a risk and get a group together.  Perform an SNL skit, Key and Peale skit, Mad TV skit, song, dance, recreate a music video and lip-sync to it, do an interpretive dance.  Do a solo. Make your friends join you.  Put together a Chemistry class performance!  Get your club to perform for the AFS show.  The list is endless.

If you have many ideas, audition with them all!  You can be in the show more than once!

So Homestead High School, I expect to see the whole student body at auditions in two weeks!


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