Why Stage Crew? By: Sam Ginkel (’15)

The men in the Paint Shack mixing paints and cleaning
The men in the Paint Shack mixing paints and cleaning

Theatre is an amazing art form that allows anyone of any talent to express themselves. From actors, singers and even dancers. But people pass up the chance to experience a different side of theatre. A side no audience member can see from a glance, an actor can possibly imagine, or playwright could dream up. A side called Stage Crew.

I have been acting in plays for a while, but one of the best experience was during Homestead’s production of Carousel (2014). It was my first time on stage crew, and I can fully say it was one of my favorite productions I have been in ever. I got to meet so many people I normally wouldn’t get a chance to be friends with, got to learn traits that have helped me in every situation, and watch my own work evolve and grow before my eyes into something I could take pride in.

Sveta cutting out stairs for "The Mikado"
Sveta cutting out stairs for “The Mikado”

In joining crew, I met so many people that I now call my best friends. I found joy in what I was doing and in the people I was with. It’s one of the most surprisingly welcoming environments I have ever been in. It truly is a family that welcomes all, and embraces everyone.

At the time of Carousel, I couldn’t use a hammer. Slowly but surely, stage crew taught me everything I know about tools and soon enough I was able to assemble a bed. It doesn’t matter your skill level, they will find a job for everyone, and teach you how to become better.

Sam as the assistant director for "The Mikado"
Sam as the assistant director for “The Mikado”

The best thing about crew is that there are so many options. Stage Crew offers Build crew, props, lighting, sound, and run crew. Drama Club also offers make-up, costumes, and ushers (a different side of tech crew). There is a place for everyone, and everyone is welcome both on stage and off. Drama clubs takes you as you are and helps you become tasked with skills you will use throughout your entire life. Take it from a graduate who both acted and was on crew, take the chance and explore a different side of theatre. Who knows, something great might come from it.

-Sam Ginkel (2015)

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