Meet the Artist: Nick Gardison

10987373_745635705541041_5068925933802326698_oI’m one of the actors in Robin Hood and I play Little John. One thing about rehearsals is to see everyone have fun while making this story become a reality.  I got into theatre my junior year, I auditioned for last year’s fall play Alice in Wonderland and I stayed because I’ve never had so much fun while actually doing work on a show. The actors plus stage crew are so nice and accepting.

1522886_10204565262199077_7990415123986628806_oP.S. Opening nights are what I look forward to the most.

The funniest memory that I have is during the musical last year. I kept flipping my wig back and forth and strutting in my shiny golden jacket. Everyone got a kick out of that, mostly because I reminded them of Foxxy Cleopatra from Austin Powers lol.  My first memory of the HHS Theatre was the black box, because when I first stepped foot in there I thought ‘This is where all the magic begins’.

10582789_10152798214979577_1270029083280310022_oThe most important person in my life is my dad because he encourages me in whatever I do. Every time I tell him something that I’ve accomplished I just love seeing him smile. He knows I’m doing well and I want to make him proud. The one thing he said to me that I will always remember is ‘Your the only one of my children that loves the arts and I look forward to witness what your going to become, I believe that you’re going to go far in life’.

12032630_745635355541076_8364384798834138728_oAs far as other clubs besides Drama Club that I’m involved in…well at this moment I’ve recently joined the AFS Club so I’m excited to see what this club has to offer its participants.

What do I want to be when I grow up?  I can actually see myself on stage for the rest of my life for music and theatre I just love to entertain I really believe that I will make something out of myself in this world.

By: Nick Gardison

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