Meet the Artist: Andrew Lococo

Andrew Lococo as Lewis Carrol in "Alice in Wonderland"
Andrew Lococo as Lewis Carrol in “Alice in Wonderland”

The character, “King John,” is described as “A small, soft-spoken, fastidious tyrant who always seems both abused and superior.” As this is the basic description of this character, I present him in a much different sense but still keeping true with his natural charisma in the various adaptations of this tale.  Hello, my name is Andrew Lococo and I am the “I” the previous sentence was referring to. I am a senior here at Homestead High School and am delighted to “play” in the epic tale we know as Robin Hood. This production will be my seventh within the high school’s theatre department and I currently share the title of Co-President of the Drama Club with senior, Sarah Mai. I’d like to take this time to share what theatre has meant to me both at Homestead and in general.

The Cast and Crew of "Arabian Nights".... Theatre Family
The Cast and Crew of “Arabian Nights”…. Theatre Family

Early on as a child I possessed an artistic quality, quickly discovering I was nothing like the jock-type. I found enjoyment in the viual arts first. If one is looking for evidence, might I suggest visiting my grade school to find nearly every teacher with a hand-drawn picture by yours truly. In middle school, I joined my first musical, High School Musical 2, with the North Shore Academy of the Arts. During the rehearsal process, I was very unmotivated and didn’t want to spend my weeknights singing about Troy and Gabriella. However, by the run of the production, I had discovered a hobby and liking for musical theatre, just not for High School Musical. I think most can agree with my opinion, I know for a fact Ms. Figg-Franzoi would.

Andrew Lococo in the Spring Show "Arabian Nights"
Andrew Lococo in the Spring Show “Arabian Nights”

I performed several more times with this program until my freshman year. That is where I found a true second home, more commonly known as the James Barr Auditorium. It is where I improved significantly upon my craft, found a love for the life in it, and met some of my cherished friends. It is such a cliche and sappy story that I’m sure the entire department can re-tell needing no script about my finding of this place. But, I like it anyway. To you newbies, you will have the pleasure of hearing it uttered during my show speech, a speech that will be said just a handful more times.

Looking forward, though, I plan to study in the field of Education, with UW-Whitewater being at the top of my list. I hope to teach at the middle school level and wish to reside locally in the Mequon/Thiensville area. But, for now, I’m just enjoying this chapter of my life as it soon draws to a close.

Written by: Andrew Lococo (2016)

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