Kickething Some Booty

By: Emma Zander (17′)
Role: Vera
Play: She Kills Monsters

Before the day began Emma was worried- very worried. When Emma woke up at seven o’clock she did not want to get out of bed, much less fight monsters. As the day began, she ate a well-balanced breakfast (a pleasure Vera rarely indulges in, unless you count cold coffee and an underwhelming donut from the Teacher’s Lounge). Once she arrived at Homestead High School she was greeted by her fellow cast members and crew. Each student worked diligently to get their work done. After, they loaded the bus and enjoyed some donuts courtesy of Jenna, the excitement set in. Emma doesn’t think they all knew what they were getting into. Even the seniors who took One Act last year had a different experience. 


4G7A7500Walking into the auditorium, I think all of us were slightly shocked by the size of auditorium. We come from a school with large theater facilities. I think the small space came as a disadvantage for us; we’ve been working on projection for several weeks now and a small competition space gave us no real gage as to whether we’re succeeding in that endeavor. Before we had walked in we were warned about how shallow the house was , yet it was very wide. Personally, I didn’t do marvelously adapting to the new space. My acting in this show heavily incorporates my entrances and exits; however, much of this was compromised due to the limited amount of space. I also had to adjust when I entered due to the shorter time it took. In some ways, it assisted me. I didn’t have to work as hard to project my voice. However, as a group I think we adjusted very well. It was a very nice run considering the circumstances. Obviously, our entrances and exits could be improved , but all things considered we did well.

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