We play D&D

It was a bright a sunny morning, the birds chirped, the air smelled like spring and the world was beginning to awaken as the snow melted.  But no one in the Black Box theatre knew what was happening outside, they were struggling to stay alive and escape an Elven Dungeon, fighting Kolbalts, Skeltons, Bugbears, and … More We play D&D

She Kills Monsters Workshops:  Feb 18-21 3-6pm

She Kills Monsters Workshops:  Feb 18-21 3-6pm In these workshops, we will play with choreography, improvise and choreograph on the aerial silks and learn some combat skills.  These four days are to figure out how we want to perform She Kills Monsters: Young Adventurers Edition.   If you come to the workshops, it does not guarantee … More She Kills Monsters Workshops:  Feb 18-21 3-6pm

She Kills Monsters

Too often, the narrative in stories about geek culture focuses on dudes. It fits with the stereotype of what a geek is — some guy in his teens or twenties, covered in residual dust from the powdery snack du jour, slurping down some unnaturally-colored, nauseatingly sweet, caffeinated beverage, while obsessing over a reality far removed … More She Kills Monsters

Geekery at it’s Finest!

You wouldn’t believe that a show set in Athens, Ohio could so penetrate the imagination, but Qui Nguyen‘s She Kills Monsters— has you believing that you’re in playing Dungeons & Dragons with your friends. A three-dimensional version of D&D, complete with hot elves, dance battles, and a a five headed dragon. “Average Agnes,” an uptight English teacher (Sarah Verespej), … More Geekery at it’s Finest!