Meet the Artist: Maisie Allen

12049103_625934620881218_1665845683797100945_nMy name is Maisie Allen, and I am a freshman here at Homestead. In the production Beauty and the Beast I am in the ensemble, specifically the drunken beggar, swaying across the stage and “accidentally” singing the girl parts.

I’ve been trying my best to keep up with memorizing all of our songs because Ms. Winnie will get mad at me if she finds out I don’t know all of “Belle” oops. With learning the steps, I know I’ll get there eventually. I really enjoy dancing and singing and acting with so many talented people because they keep me motivated to try harder and inspire me to do better.

12493730_1013939218644236_37882766024684439_oI personally feel like anyone will enjoy this production. Ms. Figg-Franzoi has really done a great job with the scenes the ensemble are in, I always get chills in “The Mob Song” and also the “Fight Scene.” All of the songs are super catchy and there’s enough variety for everyone to enjoy! But specific groups? Kids will really like this show (Bring your kids/siblings/neighbor’s kid, they’ll love it!)

I got involved with this production because Beauty and the Beast is my favorite Disney movie and the songs are very well written. Also I enjoy being on stage, singing my heart out while portraying a character, it just really builds confidence and makes me feel all warm and tingly!

12440387_1016149861756505_1015858459083878204_oMy character is very different compared to me. Other than the fact that he drinks and I refuse to, he is also very flirtatious and easily convinced, while I tend to need hard facts to sway me one way. But it is SO much easier to play a character on stage! Acting is being someone who isn’t you in a convincing manner to tell a story. I feel if you’re someone who is shy and timid, but you have to play as a character who is spunky and grand, it’s easier to get on stage knowing you’re not showing YOU, you’re showing your character.  The biggest challenge for me and this role in the show is probably the fact that I have to pretend to be a drunken mess. This is weird moving on, it’s also challenging to carry myself like a “guy.” I am known to have a very feminine walk, but changing a lot about me is pretty hard.

12087747_976177075753784_2431586764831384578_oWhen I grow up, I want to be in the entertainment business–preferably an actress. Acting is so amazing and it gives me an excuse to not be myself! Ever since I was young, I’ve enjoyed acting and playing a role, whether that be the girl on a date in the background of a romantic movie scene, or a secondary character in that one action TV show.  I first got into theater when I was in 4th grade, and my teacher, Ms. Figg (Ms. Figg-Franzoi’s mom) put on these little productions. I always had so much fun! But, I lacked confidence to really get into my part, so my audition was very different compared to my actual performance for the play Scared Silly.

I look up to most of the juniors and seniors, specifically Sarah Mai (Cogsworth), Andrew Lococo (Lumiere), Emma Zander (Silly Girl), Silma Berrada (Ensemble), Matthias Wong (D’Arque), Emily Boehlke (Wardrobe), etc. They’re all amazing at what they do, whether that’s acting, singing, or just being super chill/out going.  In my opinion, funniest person in the production would have to be Derrick Karas (Gaston) or Khoi Do (Hat Seller). I don’t know them that well, but they always make me laugh in rehearsal.  In my five-minute breaks, I usually talk to my friends or watch what’s happening on stage. Do homework? Ha, I procrastinate ‘till 10pm whether I’m in rehearsal or not.

If I could choose what show I could do next, I would probably choose Wicked or (Sorry Figg, my friend wanted me to say this) Les Miserables.  

When I’m not in rehearsal, I usually like to make YouTube videos (don’t look for me), doing photography, and singing.

Judging by last show, The last thing I probably do before I step out on stage is cry because the experience is ending, and I’m nervous, but seriously when do I not cry?

Next year, I hope to have some part in at least one of the shows, whether that’s a musical or a regular play. I know I’ll enjoy the experience it is no matter what!

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