Meet the Artist: Nick Gardison

10482312_398351060372740_3315148530187454187_nHi, my name is Nick Gardison and I got into theatre my junior year and my only wish is that I would have gotten involved sooner.  I play the Narrator,Candleman, Eggman and I´m also a part of the ensemble.  The Eggman is different from me because I don’t like eggs and….yeah. It´s easier to play different characters rather than myself because I´m a really good imitator and I can make my imitations very funny.  I’ve been doing a lot of singing and choreography and it´s been very enjoyable. I think my little sisters would really enjoy the show because they are some absolute Disney freaks, so this would be the highlight of their lives.

12002162_390360071171839_5955589206652784109_nI wanted to be in this show because I just love theatre so much and the people who I get to share it all with. I also wanted spend my senior year with drama so I´ll have wonderful memories to look back on.  The challenges in the show is trying sound french and do what the 18th century french would do meaning no high fives, no thumbs up. Bottom line, NO 21ST CENTURY AMERICANS ALLOWED!!!!!

Fun Thoughts from Nick:

  1. I look up to my two friends from last year Jonathan Bartlett, an William Toney, they are the best performers I’ve ever known and I hope I can become as good as them someday. But the funniest person in the production is THE Mr. Funnyman himself, Khoi Do!!
  2. When I grow up I want to become an R&B singer and an actor hopefully in movies, tv shows, or broadway. And if my life was made into a movie, I would like Tyrese Gibson to play me.
  3. If I had a magic wand I would do The Lion King because I would do anything to perform that show!
  4. Before the curtains go up I say to myself “You got this, you do this for one reason and one reason only because you love it.”

One thought on “Meet the Artist: Nick Gardison

  1. Can’t wait to see you Nakia! You’ve worked very hard and I’m sure that effort will show in your performance. Love you!

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