Meet the Artist: Sarah Verespej

Performing on the Lyra

Hello, my name is Sarah Verespej and I am quite honored and very humbled to say that I will be playing the role of Wendy Darling in Homestead High School’s adaptation of Peter Pan, entitled Peter Pan and the Girl who Grew Up. I couldn’t be more thankful and excited.


I began acting at a very young age, probably 6 or 7. My dad signed me up for theatre camps at USM over the summer and we would cast, rehearse and perform a show in just one week. I had a blast, fell in love with acting, and have stuck with it to this day. When I’m not on stage I also enjoy writing. Ever since I was a little girl I’ve had a knack for writing. It’s one of my favorite activities to participate in when I’m not at school or rehearsal. Recently I’ve really gotten into writing more poetry; I enjoy warping the English language into something new and beautiful, and it’s a great method of self expression too. I also enjoy dancing.  I’ve been a dancer ever since age 3, but when I began high school, I chose to dedicate myself to Homestead’s theatre department. When I heard that this was a play that would be aerial, dance and movement-based, I realized that this production was the perfect combination of those two very important passions of mine.

As far as who will enjoy the show? Everyone should be excited for the show anyone and everyone will enjoy it! This show is an interesting spin off of the classic story that everyone knows and loves. It has fun twists and unexpected turns and will be a great show for all audiences.

So far I think one of the biggest challenge for me during rehearsal has been having to memorize our lines much more quickly than we normally would, due to the fact that this show is incredibly physical. With fights, dances, and aerial choreography in almost every single scene, it’s been crucial for us to be off-book in order to learn and rehearse all movements to their fullest. But we all are doing it and it’s pretty amazing.


Rolling up in the silk hammock and saying lines in not fun…

Lily Higgins, the hysterical and ridiculously talented junior who plays Captain Hook is the most amusing in the cast.  So funny! I cannot say enough good things about her. Not only is she a blast to work with, but she’s completely fearless on stage. She adds both comedy and intensity to the role, and I can’t wait for everyone to see what a star she really is.  The funniest person in the production in real life is Sarah Mai, she plays Tinkerbell. She’s absolutely hysterical and can make anyone laugh nonstop.  Zach Ginkel is probably the most like his character, Peter Pan. Just like Peter, he’s playful, fun-loving, and always looking for an adventure.

During the show, the last thing I do before going stage is I hug people.  Those who have been in shows with me before know that I hug almost anyone and everyone before we all have to go to our places for the first scene. But if we’re talking the very last moment before my foot hits the stage: I focus on getting into character. I remind myself who I am and what my motivation for my upcoming words and actions are for that scene. It allows me to lose myself in the character and put everything I have into my performance.


What is it like being an upperclassman? Everything and nothing I expected it to be. I remember being a freshman and looking up to the Juniors during my first show, Carousel. They seemed so much older than me, but now that I’m the age that they were then, I don’t feel that old. Nevertheless, I love it. Being seen as a role model both on and off stage is truly the most rewarding and heart-warming feeling.

I look up to Emily Eckhardt and Grace Nemcek, hands down. Emily was a senior at Homestead and head of costumes last year when I was a sophomore. And Grace is my age and has been involved in some of the shows here at Homestead as well. They are two of the most talented and driven people I know, and unquestionably my best friends. Every single day their immense strength, creativity, and determination inspires me to reach for the stars and never give up.

Fun Facts:

I perfect vacation looks like Paris, France. Exploring the beautiful city streets, learning about the unique culture and strengthening my current knowledge of the elegant language would be an absolute dream.

I’d love to do “Into the Woods”, please and thank you.

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