Meet the Artist: Jada Carroll

12374834_1002804956424329_3584291124970143510_oHi, this is Jada Carroll, and this is my first theater experience, but I have wanted to act ever since I was 10 years old.  When I first audition for this years Fall play, Robin Hood, I was so nervous that I didn’t express myself.  Of course it was my first audition ever and I didn’t make it, but I knew I still wanted to be involved.  I joined Make-up Crew for the Fall play because I thought it would be fun.

When I audition for the Spring play, Peter Pan, I was nervous, and so I tried to express myself more, but maybe not 100 percent, I still tried.  When I went home I looked at the post of people cast in the Spring play and was so happy when I saw my name under my character.  And rehearsals are so fun!


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