The Foreigner at the Milwaukee REP

Blog Post By Drew Bosley

On Saturday, November 26th, I went to go see the play The Foreigner at the Milwaukee Repertory theatre.  The production started with Staff Sergeant Froggy LeSueur bringing one of his friends to a lodge in Georgia.  Froggy’s friend is named Charlie Baker, who is very lost and troubled.  His wife no longer loves him, he has no friends, and has been doing the same boring job for years on end.  Charlie Baker is boring, but he is making an attempt at acquiring a personality.  At first he does not want to be in Georgia what so ever.  He also has a huge fear of having a conversation with another person.  To fix this Froggy tells the lodge owner, Betty, that Charlie can not speak any English.  At first Charlie does not like this idea, but once he starts overhearing “private” conversations he uses it as a tool.  This tool ended up helping Charlie to right wrongs and become the interesting person he had always had dreamed of.  A very interesting fact about this play is that one of the main actors, James Pickering, who played Froggy is a Milwaukee based actor.  James Pickering was in the play The Christmas Carol a couple years ago when I went to go see it with my Grandma. This was one of the first Plays that I had ever seen.  Ever since I have shown a lot of interest in attending plays.  For instance, I have seen The Christmas Carol two times, The Wizard  of Oz two times, Of Mice and Men, Hairspray, Hamlet, and Sylvia. (Homestead High school Production)  I have liked acting a lot ever since I was young.  I definitely am not the best actor, but I have always been fascinated by putting on a production that will create many different emotions for many different people.  I think that this interest was one of the main reasons that I chose to take the Acting elective.  

While I was watching The Foreigner I felt very happy just like I did in all those other plays.  It was just such a funny production.  There were so many moments in the play when my brother and I were just laughing out loud and had to catch our breaths because we enjoyed it so much.  When it was over we kept saying memorable lines in the play to make each other laugh.  The funniest part of the play in my opinion was when the boy, Ellard, acted by Brendan Meyer, was teaching Charlie to speak English.  The ironic part about this is Charlie already new how to speak english.  Everyone viewed Ellard as not smart so the fact that he was teaching the English language to this Foreigner was blowing everyone’s minds.  My favorite line in the play was when Charlie was showing everyone how well he could read the english language only from a half hour lesson from Ellard.  After this Ellard responded by saying “Isn’t this amazing that I taught Charlie how to read in 30 minutes, cause it took me three years to learn how to read.”  My Brother and I could not stop laughing.  Indeed, The Foreigner was a great way to spend time with family and have a good laugh while watching a spectacular performance.  

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