Meet the Artist: Gwen Cain

4g7a8364.jpgWritten by Gwen Cain (2018)

I play the prissy and promiscuous Porthos; and as a woman!

The most challenging part of making this script come alive is actually probably keeping the actors alive; there is a LOT of fighting and quadruple the chance for injury all around. Oh, and walking in three inch knee high boots the entire show, but I walked right into that one.  When the audience leaves after the show, I think they will probably be thinking “how did nobody lose an eye?”… well, minus Rochefort, she’s already missing one… moving on!

I think we really bring a personal touch to this play, the majority of the characters are much like the actors playing them, so as you get to know the characters, you get to know the actors too.  I believe that I am the most like my character out of anyone in the cast. I’m loud, get irritated with clothing, make poor clothing choices, get in the way, seemingly pansexual but who knows, friendly as all get out, and a HUGE dumb dork in every way possible. Out of control, if you ask me.  

If I could play any other character in the show I think I’d want to play Milady. The strong, seductive power she has seems like it would be intoxicating to portray, using her feminine wiles and concealed weaponry to whip weak minded men into doing her bidding sounds like a (really weird) dream come true.

I first performed back in elementary school for piano and choir, but my first theatre performance was 2 years ago during HHS’ production of Robin Hood, where I played Robin Hood’s best friend Will Gamwell/Scarlet.  Best. Decision. Ever. A very time consuming and emotionally and physically taxing one, but the best one I’ve made in my life yet.  

When I have a 5 minute break during rehearsal I collapse and fan myself with my hat while looking at memes on my phone which I’m not supposed to have, but I do anyway because I’m texting my mom begging her to bring me subway. I don’t plan ahead very well, if you can’t tell by now.  

Come see Gwen in

The Three Musketeers

Oct 20-22 at Homestead High School

Musketeers Banner

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