2018 One Act Class Auditions

I would like to formally invite you to audition for the 2018 One Act Competition Class. You have shown amazing theatrical talent and I would like to give you the opportunity to audition to be a part of this talented class.

This is an audition only class.

The goal of this class is to select, design, mount and perform a one-act play using both actors and technicians. This class will emphasize production work on a thirty-five-minute play that will be entered into the Wisconsin High School Theatre Festival.  Students will audition for a One Act show that the class will compete in the WHSFA competition. The whole trimester is taken over by building the set, rehearsing and gathering costumes for the competition, performing for other classes and then finally competing.

This is also an extra-curricular course, as rehearsals will run after school. Students also compete over the course of 3 weekends, which are mandatory for the acceptance into this course.

One Act is 1st Trimester, 5th hour. We rehearse after school until 3:30 on Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday and compete ALL DAY on Saturdays. You need to keep the weekend before Thanksgiving free, for that is the State Competition.

One Act Auditions will be held during Lunches,

please sign up for a time slot.

(Note: This does not mean you are automatically in the class)


Jan 2-5


One Minute memorized monologue


Before you sign up I need you to think long and hard about your dedication. Do you really want to act in the One Act production? How willing are you to be in the class? Give up a class that is conflicting with One Act? Stay after school to work on a scene? Come to weekend rehearsals? What are you willing to give up for One Act? If you aren’t willing to give something up for this class, I have to question why you would want to part-take in such a grueling class.

Videos of Past One Acts:

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