Meet the Artist: Julia Rowe


Julia learning the tap dance in “Shrek The Musical”

Hi! I’m Julia Rowe and I am a freshman. I’m a part of the Duloc Ensemble and also a featured dancer. It’s so exciting to be a part of my first musical at Homestead! I first performed on stage in a dance recital when I was 3, but my first theater performance was The Jungle Book when I was in 2nd grade.


Rehearsals are just so much fun and there is really never a time that you’re not laughing. Although it’s a lot of work, everyone is just so much fun to be around that I look forward to going to rehearsal every day.  We’re bringing something new to the story through the existing relationships throughout the cast. We all already know each other so well because Homestead Drama Club is such a family, and I think that will definitely come through on stage.  If I could play someone else in the show, it would probably be one of the fairytale creatures. They all have such huge personalities that I think would be fun to portray.  IF I have a break in rehearsal, I’m probably catching my breath. There is so much packed into these rehearsals that we’re always either dancing, singing, acting, or taking a water break.

The hardest thing about bringing the world of Shrek to stage is the costumes and makeup. We have an amazing costume crew and they are doing such a good job taking the show to a whole new level.


Julia backstage with Lizzie and Ethan in “The Three Musketeers”

As for the audience, when they go home after the show they will probably wonder what the heck they just saw. This show is an explosion of comedy, color, energy, feelings, and razzle-dazzle; I think people will really be blown away.


If my life were made into a movie, I would probably want someone like Mila Kunis to play me, but like when she was on that 70’s show. I just think her character Jackie is so relatable.

If I had a magic wand, my dream show to put on would be The Wedding Singer. I saw Dominican High School put in on when I was around 8, and it has been one of my favorite musicals ever since.
You should all come see Shrek The Musical Feb 8-11 at Homestead High School!
Shrek Window Ink Photo

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