Drama Club E-Board Elections

Drama Club Officers Needed!

Elections May 23rd After School in the Black Box

One Co-President
The Co-Presidents are responsible for conducting the organization’s business. They should oversee all other positions. They are responsible for initiating and guiding all procedures of the executive board by creating a specific agenda for each meeting. They will appoint members to specific duties. All decisions must be approved by the Co-Presidents. One Co-President also serves as the ITS President.

The Vice-President is responsible for organizing the PATs with the Presidents. They are the main liaisons between the Theatre and the organization.  They serve two years.  One as Vice-President and one as Co-President.

Secretary x 2
Secretary is responsible for keeping records of all members. All paperwork regarding the members is in the possession of the secretary. They will be responsible for taking attendance, sending e-mails, and updating the lists of participants. They are also in charge of adding ITS points.

Treasurer x 2
The treasurer is in charge of monitoring the money, setting up fundraisers, and T-shirt sales.  Must count all money raised by Drama Club and the Theatre Department.

Public Relations Coordinator
Public Relations Coordinator is the officer responsible for is persuading the public to join Drama Club and come to the shows. They are also responsible for advertising and T-shirt sales. They also are required to write press releases for shows and posts for the Blog.  Responsible for creating all Video and radio announcements.

Please fill out this form before elections

Drama Club Form


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