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Our Seminar Theatre class is looking for writing about life and water. 

Please help

Water Writing Exercise

water_danceConcept Statement: Every human emotion acts like the ever-changing ocean. Our anger acts as the crashing uncontrollable waves that rage war on each other. Our peace and happiness is the still ocean, and our deaths are the deepest darkest unknown parts of the sea. Our bodies are made up of about 60% of water; it is the source of our lives. Without water, we humans would fail to exist. We can easily connect the symbolism of the circulation of life to the circulation of the fluids within our own bodies. Since we are made of mostly water, we humans relate very closely to water and the fluidity of its traits. Water symbolizes the power of transition and symbolizes metamorphosis. Throughout our life we are constantly changing and growing, just as water does in the water cycle: water to ice, ice to water, water to vapor, and back again. We, humans, go through our own cycle as well. Birth, life, love, death, and some may even say back again. In this interpretive dance piece, I want to express my feelings about birth, love, and death through the use of water. I feel as though by using water, I will be able to fully grasp the undefinable power of human emotions.


  • Incorporate sensory imagery in a surrealistic way, unbound by realistic constraints
  • Since the piece may be interpreted through physical movement, consciously attend to the verbs, making them vivid and active

Exercise: In any genre, write a piece that connects the experience of human emotion with water, describes things other than water with the traits of water, allowing water to serve as a metaphor, or using a water motif.  The topic of the piece should connect with one or all of the three aspects of life discussed above: birth, love, and death.

Send writing to Ms. Figg-Franzoi afigg-franzoi@mtsd.k12.wi.us or Isabelle Gabor if you use your school email.

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