Meet The Artist: Julia Rowe

fullsizeoutput_69.jpegMy name is Julia Rowe and I play Magpie in Bonny Anne Bonny. Magpie is a sneaky little silent thief that loves to cause trouble but has a soft spot for the few people she really cares about.  There is one scene where I get to fight, and it’s a great bonding experience between cast members because you have to totally trust your partner that they won’t actually hurt you during any scenes.  

A big part of my role is working on the aerial apparatus. It is a ton of work but I love doing it because it looks so amazing in the end. I have been trained to perform on both silks and corde lisse, and although they are both difficult, it’s definitely worth the hard work for the final outcome.

fullsizeoutput_7a7.jpegThe play Bonny Anne Bonny is about the famous Anne Bonny and her quest for fame and fortune, along with the perils that come with such a challenge. It’s about good people coming together for a swashbuckling adventure!  Bonny Anne Bonny really pushes women’s empowerment, which is a huge topic of discussion throughout 2018 and the 21st century in general. Anne doesn’t care whether she’s a woman, because she makes everyone respect her like an equal no matter what. This show really emphasizes how women can do everything that men can, and also look fantastic while doing it.

Driving home, the audience will be wondering how we pull off all of our amazing tricks and fights we perform.  Everyone should come to see Bonny Anne Bonny cause it’s an amazing show about pirates that will blow your mind.


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