What does it mean to be a leader?

739a0516ab2fa30b7b78dc22ae96574dThere are a lot of types of leaders, but the ones the world of theatre look for are the ones who are inclusive and lead by example.  Think back to the most successful HHS show you’ve been in… what happened to make it great?

  • Most likely it was a production where everyone worked really hard.
  • Everyone focused
  • Everyone had their lines memorized
  • Everyone helped each other
  • Everyone had a vested interest in the success of the show

If someone wasn’t focused, someone else would gently remind the person to focus.  If someone needed help, people helped them.  This is teamwork and leadership at it’s finest and it starts with the seniors every year.  The success of a show depends on how the upperclassmen decide to tackle the show.  The underclassmen will always follow the upperclassmen.  Think about it…

Last year The Three Musketeers was stressful and came together last second because the leaders were having fun, thus the younger ones followed.  We all had too much fun and didn’t work hard enough… Figg admits that.

Shrek The Musical was a success because the Upperclassmen lead by example.  They focused and worked hard.  The Tempest was a success because everyone led and created and owned the show.  That is the ultimate teamwork, that is what HHS Theatre is always striving for.

So when you ask, “How do I lead?”  I ask you to evaluate yourself… are you a good example or not?  Are you the one asking people to be quiet, or are you the one needing to be reminded to focus and stop talking?

You have the power to lead.  I challenge you to accept it.


What if you don’t want to lead?  That is fine as well but let me tell you a little secret, leaders aren’t the loud ones, they are the ones people respect and look up to.  They are the ones who stay on task and help others.  They are friends with all grade levels and try to include everyone.  They don’t think about themselves first, they think about others first. Just by being nice, showing empathy, listening and following the directions you are leading.

One thought on “What does it mean to be a leader?

  1. In Charlotte, their community college, Central Piedmont Community College (CPCC), does not feel like they are putting on community college productions. They feel like they are putting on professional productions- I have seen five musicals there. They tend to combine their students with the community- that is one of their greatest strengths. You would not expect a community college to be so strong in their musicals- Godspell, Les Mis, Oklahoma, Grease, and Newsies all were well-done productions: there was no way you could tell they were being put on by a community college

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