“The Little Mermaid” Auditions

So, you want to audition for The Little Mermaid?  We are so excited about that!!!

Before November 5th you will sign-up outside the Black Box Theatre for an Audition time on the 5th of November. We will have time slots of 25 mins where we will see 8 people sing and dance for us. Then you will leave. Easy-peasy right?

Audition Packet

You can pick up a printed packet outside the Black Box Theatre.  Make sure you read the whole thing.

Click here for the songs to listen to

November 5th: Sing/Dance
Sign-up for a time slot between 3-7pm
(You must attend Nov 6th)

November 6th: Prepared Scene Work
(You must have attended Nov 5th)

On November 6th everyone who auditioned on the 5th will come back and Ms. Houge and Ms. Figg-Franzoi will see the scenes/monologues you have prepared for us. If you are doing a scene and don’t have a partner, don’t worry, someone would love to jump up and act more. This audition is from 3-7pm or earlier if we finish seeing everyone once.

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