Directors Concept for “The Little Mermaid”

As we move closer to auditions and the start of The Little Mermaid, I wanted to share with everyone my hopeful concept for the musical.

For Homestead High School’s production of The Little Mermaid, we are going to do most of the traditional script elements, but we will change two things.  

The first concept, which isn’t new to The Little Mermaid is to use aerial apparatus in the show for swimming and flying.  Since we are doing this, the costumes need to allow that movement.  We will not use skirts as mermaid fins, but rather treat our production more like a ballet version of The Little Mermaid.  


The second new concept is to create a trio of three women who are Ariel’s Voice.  They travel with her throughout the show and sing for her when Ursula has taken Ariel’s voice.

Aerial Apparatus

In “Under the Sea” and “Kiss The Girl” I wouldn’t be opposed to having chorus members dance on the aerial apparatus.

Also in “Fathoms Below” and “The Storm” the sailors will be on them.

Here is a video of an aerial net being used.

More Ideas for silks.

Flotsam and Jetsom

One hope I have is that Flotsam and Jetsam can do aerial silks.  They would be very fun to watch creeping around and partnering together in songs.

Prince Eric

Prince Eric will climb the silks to get into a drop for his drowning scene. This video is advanced, but it’ll help you get a feel of what Eric will do.  Ariel will also help Eric “swim” to the surface via the silks/rope/net.

Concept (2)

Concept (3)Concept (4)

To keep up to date with the concept, click here for the Slides Presentation

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