Our One Act is going to STATE!

What started as a late night musing from Ms. Figg-Franzoi’s imagination last spring, has evolved into a class creation based on Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.”  Last spring, Figg asked the One Act class if they would be willing to devise a play based on an idea she had.  The 26 students readily agreed.  Summer came and went and with that, a group of students came to play in August.  Gathering on hot summer days, ten or so teenagers would enter the Black Box theatre with no expectation other than they were going to create something.

Movement sequences, scenes and blackout poems later, the class had put together a rough draft of a play.  When school finally started, the creating and shaping continued. Using Frantic Assembly’s Book for Devising Theatre as a reference, the students created “hands dances,”  “book dances,” movement sequences and aerial dance poses.

After two months of practicing and creating a show was made and competed with.  It was rocky, as all devised projects are.  The class questioned if they should continue with the project or find something easier.  In the end, they persevered and all that hard work paid off.  Passing through the District competition, the class rewrote some elements of the play so the audience could better understand it.  At the Sectional competition, they passed with flying colors with all judges thanking them for a lovely performance.  But the class still wasn’t satisfied, they needed to improve, to be better for State.  The creating and changing has continued this week.  Please come to see their hard work with Saturday!

The Cave Banner2

Please join us this Saturday at 7pm for our Public performance of The Cave, a devised theatre piece created by 26 talented and amazing students.  The performance is a FREE 1-hour show.

Join Ash on a journey through Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave.”  When a society of people have accepted what they see to be their one and only truth, a young resident, Ash is sparked with curiosity about the things no one dares to discuss, leading her on a journey lead by light, knowledge, and new possibilities. Ash learns that ignorance and fear go hand in hand, causing her to make one final decision that may lead to the end or only the beginning.

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