Meet The Artist: Taliah Lansing

4g7a2337Hi there! My name is Taliah Lansing! Besides for theatre, I’ve found one of my passions to be always sitting next to Talia for the sole reason of driving Figg insane, so far it seems to be working. I also swim competitively and spend a million hours on math homework, but the Talia-Taliah thing is much more fun than either of those 🙂

This year I am playing the wonderfully amazing mersister named Arista who, according to Aquata, is the prettiest one of them all! Sebastian, I really do think Arista deserves the solo.

4g7a2613Last year I worked in cast and crew for two different shows, and I think the one thing that really pushed me to do cast for this show was how much I wanted to be a part of the creative decisions we would get to make with blocking and choreography. One of my favorite memories from rehearsals so far was when the mersisters decided to come together to make our dance for Daughter of Triton, which is sung pretty early on in the show. Figg has told us to go into the choir room to ‘make up poses’ we could use… and we just kept going until we looked at each other and realized we had choreographed both pages of the song. It was so much fun to work with my sisters and see what we could accomplish!

I am so excited for February and I can’t wait to show our amazing audiences what we can do!

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