Meet the Artist: Claire Looker

4g7a3607.jpgAh, finally Claire has decided to answer my questions!!  What is your name and who do you play in The Little Mermaid?
My name is Claire Looker and I play Scuttle and a Tentagull.

What brought you to audition for The Little Mermaid?
I’ve been participating in theatre for a very long time, and I’ve done all the musicals at Homestead so it was only natural I would be a part of The Little Mermaid as well.

Did you want to be this character or were you surprised to be cast as Scuttle?
I knew I wanted a lead, so I auditioned for Scuttle and Sebastian (I know). In the past I’ve gotten pretty kooky roles, so…

4G7A9452Ok, this might be a silly question because let’s be honest, You and Scuttle are two peas in a pod.  How is Scuttle like you? Different?
Scuttle and I are both crackheads. 🙂 We both like to have a lot of fun and don’t take ourselves too seriously, and are both oddly weird at tap dancing for people who should not be good at tap dancing.

What do you love about Scuttle?
I love how silly I can get with the role, and also I get to do a lot of things!! I get to use the net, the Lyra, learn tap dancing, also be a Tentacle, and do it all in a cool costume. Not giving anything away but I also love that Scuttle knows how to scuba dive.

What, if anything, do you hate about Scuttle?4g7a9448.jpg
Not so much about Scuttle himself, but being both Scuttle and a Tentacle is a bit annoying because of costume and makeup changes. I have to change my costume and makeup after pretty much every scene. In the first act, I change five times and four times in the second act, leading to a grand total of nine whole costume changes. Super fun. I still love being a part of both though!

What’s the biggest challenge about taking on this role?
I think the biggest challenge about playing Scuttle is trying not to make him too silly. Sometimes I get carried away and take bits a tad to far, but at heart, Scuttle is a sweety and I want to make sure the audience perceives that.

Being a part of the Tentagulls was also incredibly challenging, as it’s difficult to coordinate eight or so people around the movements of one. There are many different personalities within the Tenta-Gulls as well so much of the self-taught choreography was really hard to block without a clear leader. The choreography, understandably difficult, took a lot of compromise and time to perfect. Eventually we got the groove of the group and hopefully, you like what you see on stage!

If you could play any other character in this show, who would it be?
Seaweed no. 3

So many fun things happen at rehearsal when you are around, can you tell us a  story from rehearsal?
It’s not exactly from rehearsal, but Lauren Hagerty and I were driving home one night, and she had this amazing idea that Scuttle should wear scuba gear in a song or two. So we got Figg on the phone (called like seven times until she picked up her office phone) and somehow got her to agree. So, if you come to the Sunday show, you might catch a glimpse of Scuttle stylin’ in his scuba stuff.

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