The Vision for “Macbeth”

So… it’s spring?  Or will be soon…. in spirit…

Anyway, we have closed the musical, which means the infamous spring play is about to begin.  Once upon a time (a long time ago now), the spring play was a performance no one wanted to be in, the directors had to beg kids to audition.  But, for 9 years now, the spring play has become synonymous with fun, creativity, friendship, and pranks. No matter the play, Pride and Prejudice, Treasure Island, Peter Pan, The Tempest, etc, there is a magic that happens.  Sure, we are under the same stress and pressure as any other production, possibly more as we have less time, but there is something in the air.  Possibly it’s the magic of spring starting to bloom or the inner peace the seniors exude during 3rd tri when they are no longer stressed about life choices, but there is an intangible spellbinding enchantment that falls over those involved with the spring production.  I hope you all decide to join and keep that magic alive.

This year we are doing Macbeth, William Shakespeare’s shortest play.  With this production, we are going to take the play, tear it apart and build it back together with dance, movement, aerial work, lighting and more.

To be honest with you I didn’t know what Macbeth was going to look like at all until mid-January.  During an Acting 1 class, I stumbled across this photo, and everything fell into place:


There is a power in this set design for the opera Elektra. Once I’d seen this photo, things started clicking.  Soon, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies came to mind for costume design.  Playing with the British Regency style of the 1810s and the mixed fashion style that Pride and Prejudice and Zombies contains, we have such possibilities.


So… we now have a concept for the look of the show, but what of the show itself?  How will we pull this off?  What will we pull apart to put back together?  The possibilities are endless!!  I have a Pinterest board for this show, just as I do for every show.  But, there are some students who have Pinterest boards as well: Sierra has a great one as well as Claire and Frances.  Do you have one?

Below are some videos of movement pieces for Macbeth.  The first is Lady Macbeth and her inner thoughts.

The next is a piece to Macbeth’s famous monologue, “Is this a dagger before me?”

Visually, this next one is just stunning:

Macbeth and Lady Macbeth?

As far as the aerial possibilities for Macbeth, anything could happen.  My only true vision is for the witches to use the aerial apparatus and for Banquo to use them as Banquo’s ghost.

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