2019-2020 Fine Arts Schedule

As we finish this school year strong and look ahead to the next, I want to share with you the current MTSD Fine Art Calendar.

2019-2020 Drama Club Calendar

While we do not know the HHS Theatre Season, we still have the dates for the auditions, tech, and shows.

Fall Play:
Workshops: August 26-29 4-7pm
Auditions: September 4 and 5, 3-5pm
Callbacks: September 6 , 3-6pm
Rehearsals: September 9 – October 11
Tech Rehearsals: October 14-17, 2:37-8:30
Show Dates: October 18 and 19 at 7pm and October 20 at 1pm
Strike: October 20, 3-8pm

AFS Show:
Auditions: October 22nd 3-7pm
EMCEE Auditions: October 23rd 3-5pm
Rehearsals: Oct 28-Nov 1 3-5pm
Show Dates
: November 2 at 7pm and November 3 at 1pm

Workshop: November 4, 3-5:30pm
Singing/Dancing Audition: November 11, 3-6pm
Acting Audition: November 12, 3-6pm
Callbacks: November 13, 3-?
Rehearsals: December 3-January 24, 3-6pm
With Orchestra: January 26, 12-6pm
Pit/Cast Rehearsals: January 27-30 3-7:30pm
Tech Rehearsals: January 31, February 3-5, 2:37-8:30pm
Shows: February 6-8 at 7pm and February 9 at 1pm
Strike: February 9, 3-8pm

Spring Show:
Auditions: February 25, 3-6pm
Callbacks: February 26, 3-6pm
Rehearsals: February 28 – April 17, 3-6pm
Tech: April 19, 1-5pm, April 20-23, 2:37-8:30pm
Show: April 24 and 25 at 7pm, April 26 at 1pm

Things of Note:

The musical and Latin convention are the times they were this year, so the rule will still stand for one more year.  You can to both the musical and Latin convention only if you are not a lead.  If you want to be the lead of whatever musical we do, you cannot go to Latin convention.  Mr. Bowers and I have talked about this and we both agree that this is fair and will prevent too much stress on the students, teachers and all involved in both programs.  We are not saying that you cannot do both, please do both, they are both fun and amazing.  We are only saying that if you get a lead, you must be at every rehearsal of the two week “No-Conflict” rehearsals.  This will also include UNIFIED auditions in Chicago.  You must work your schedule around the musical if you want to lead the musical.


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