Our Theatrical Class of 2019

There is a collective inhale the moment the lights go down before a show begins.  All together we breathe as one, audience, cast, crew, orchestra. In that one breath we pulse, we live, we regenerate. Our hearts beat, our minds create, our souls ingest.  We become one entity. It is our calm before the storm, the silence before a new universe is created by our words and music, by our costumes and set pieces.  We are magical in that moment, you are infinite at the moment. I have known some of you since you were nine years old creating characters on a different stage, shaping a world with different people, some of you I met this year ready to dive into the universes we create here.  I am blessed to know each and every one of you, we cherish you all.

As you move on from our every changing worlds and characters, remember that Drama Club isn’t a physical place, but a mindset, it lives within you where ever you go.  You have created and destroyed worlds many times, all with the touch of your fingers. You have solved impossible problems made by a crazy woman who knows she can count on you to always rise to the occasion.  You have fought for what you believed in, not afraid to stand up to authority and challenge the system. You are all ready.

Go forth, and with each step feel our love for you, know that even though we will never be in the same place all together again, this place, these people, the many worlds we’ve created live forever you in, let them guide you and share in the amazing journey you are starting right now.  The lights have risen on your own play, exhale and step into the light.

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