Acting 1 stories from Joey Enea

By: Joey Enea (’20)

7751205_20564e23d293474f8e68a5b8609d8c5cActing actually did a lot for me surprised I really was just taking the class because I needed the class to graduate and really wasn’t expecting anything out of class.  But Acting did a lot because it really changed my point of view on actors and live performances. It was actually my first time being in that wing I have never been in the wing before.  I saw a performance by the One Act group and as I was watching it, I was thinking to myself how they do it it looks so hard and scared. It changed my view because it really showed me how hard it was and how difficult it was and what they did to prepare for this just for a short amount of time. 

I know I wasn’t in class a lot because of my leg but while I was in class I had lots of fun and I enjoyed it. The class really helped me cause I give so much respect to actors and the back crew because they do so much and prepare and make such beautiful things for there classmates to wear. I really don’t think I could do that it really opened my eyes to what they do just for a short play, it amazes me how I saw my classmates on the stage but they totally look different because of makeup, it is pretty cool to see the people can do that with makeup and colors on dresses. 

A great story I have from class is the first day I really didn’t know what I was going to expect and we were going through names and of course Jack wanted his name to be “Vick” and It was so weird because jack is so strange and all the little freshman thought he was so weird because it was their first day of high school and me and Jack were big seniors in a class that a lot of freshmen took. It was really funny because all the kids knew he was kidding but wasn’t really sure what the teacher was going to do.

Another story is when we were trying to film our commercial and Angel was in our group and we had our whole script written and he wanted to change it so we let him change it and we went with it and it turned out really good and it was a very fun and funny film to make and watch with the class.   Acting was fun when I was there and had a great time when I was doing the projects and It really changed my view on how actors prepare and act and how hard it is to stand there and keep a straight face in front of all-out classmates and be a great actor and present such a great play for the school, Acting was very fun and it helped me improve my public speaking skills and really changed me and how I treat it, it was a very good experience.

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