Cast List  “She Kills Monsters: Young Adventurers Edition”

Congrats everyone!!!  Your first rehearsal is tomorrow in the Black Box!!  Bring your energy, we are performing it “Unrehearsed Shakespeare” style!

Narrator/ Monster
Amelia Eichmeier

Tilly Evans
Lizzie Wilkerson 

Agnes Evans
Lauren Hagerty

Ben Usatinsky

Chloe Diamond

David Blatz

Owen Wiess

Kaet Sisney

Vera/ The Beholder
Zee McGowan

Orcus/ Ronnie
Max Franks

Evil Gabbi
Ashley Bruno

Evil Tina
Julia Rowe

Ferrah the Faerie/Monster
Ayelia Moore

Talia Bodi
Naeli Green
Haley Kerley
Taliah Lansing
Abby Spitz
Ari Graupe
Zach Miller

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