Meet the Artist: Kaet Sisney

Kaet Sisney as Agnes Evans

Who are you?  What year are you?  What are your interests?
Hi! I’m Kaet Sisney and I’m a senior this year. I love anything and everything to do with theatre, music, and the arts! I also really enjoy philosophy, reading, and crossword puzzles.

What exactly do you do for She Kills Monsters?
This fall I play Agnes Evans, the high school senior trying to reconnect with her younger sister, Tilly, by exploring the D&D world and adventure Tilly created while she was alive.

What brought you to join the cast for She Kills Monsters?
I had a blast in the spring as Kaliope, so when the play was postponed I knew I wanted to continue to be a part of it. 

Do you have any stories from rehearsals, practices or crew sessions?
This fall has been a unique rehearsal process for sure! I really enjoyed the outdoor rehearsals we had in late September, it was great to be able to rehearse in the fresh air with the beautiful fall weather!

She Kills Monsters tells the story of Agnes discovering who she is by discovering who her sister was.  It’s about love and life, friendship, LGBTQ stories, and grief.  How have you connected to this story?  How will the audience connect to this story?  
This play is so powerful, and that’s the main reason I was so disappointed when we had to postpone it in the spring. But I’m so, so happy that we’re getting a second chance at it now, because I believe this is a story that people need to hear. I have personally connected to this story in multiple ways, but I think it’s the parts of Agnes’ story that I haven’t experienced before that have impacted me the most. I think at the heart of Agnes’ struggle is how much she blames herself for not being closer with her sister while she had the chance. Once Agnes overcomes her staid mindset and really lets go, that’s when she is able to see Tilly as Tilly wanted to be seen and is able to forgive herself. The great thing about Dungeons and Dragons is that “there are no rules”– the world is however you want it to be, and that’s what allows Tilly and Agnes to reach mutual acceptance and sisterhood, even if Tilly isn’t “real” anymore.

What is it like putting on a show in the time of COVID? How is it different?  How is it the same?  Other thoughts?
A few things have changed for the better, some have changed for…not the better, but all these changes have demanded us to grow as actors. Masks make diction and projection a lot harder, but that’s the perfect challenge for us to rise to! We’re also learning that while facial expressions are great, they’re no replacement for acting with the rest of your body. Along with wearing masks, we’ve also been distancing on stage and sanitizing EVERYTHING. The theatre department has definitely become a more hygienic place and, as Honorary Nurse, I’m very happy about that!

What’s one thing that is different in this play or rehearsal process than anything else we’ve done in the Homestead Theatre Department?
Aside from the COVID-related differences, I’ve loved being a part of a production combining acting, fighting, and dancing. That combination isn’t necessarily unique to She Kills Monsters, but it’s been really cool using this meaningful story and its messages to inspire our movements. Homestead Theatre has given me the gift of learning through story-informed-movement for multiple shows now, and I’m ever grateful for that.

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