Meet the Artist: Sam Estiban

Who are you?  What year are you?  What are your interests?

My name is Sam Estiban and I’m a senior. I love all music, playing the piano, singing, dancing, you name it. I also love to swim and I was a competitive swimmer for 13 years of my life. This is my 6th show with Homestead High School Theater and I am having so much fun. 

What exactly do you do for Alice in Wonderland?

I play 6 characters in Alice and Wonderland, the sassy Lory, the mean Violet, Alice’s big sister Lorina, a table gremlin at the mad tea party, a card, and the Lion. 

What brought you to join the cast, crews, for Alice in Wonderland??

I auditioned for Alice in Wonderland because I love being in shows here, and Alice in Wonderland was one of my favorite stories when I was younger. 

Do you have any stories from rehearsals, practices or crew sessions?

Every rehearsal always has its silly moments, like dancing with each other in the wings and choreographing dances and fights. 

Alice in Wonderland is about a fantastical land with many famous characters and Alice who ventures throughout.  How have you connected to the story?  

I feel like I connect to this story because I am very curious about everything around me, so I probably relate to Alice the most. Small in a big world. 

What’s one thing that is different in this play or rehearsal process than anything else we’ve done in the Homestead Theatre Department?

We got to be able to change the script, that was pretty cool I’d say. 

Come see “Alice in Wonderland” Oct 21 and 22 at 7pm and Oct 23 at 1pm

Purchase Tickets Here

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