Meet the Artist: Ryan Kramer

Who are you?  What year are you?  What are your interests?

Hi, I’m Ryan Kramer and I’m a Junior here at Homestead. I like to draw, play video games, write, listen to music, and starting conversations about deep topics such as the meaning of change and the Shawn Mendez Crocodile Movie.

What exactly do you do for Alice in Wonderland?

In Alice in Wonderland, I play the March Hare- a rabbit who has gone crazy due to a perpetual time loop that trapped him in a never-ending cycle of drinking tea. He is morbidly addicted to butter.

What brought you to join the cast for Alice in Wonderland??

I have only been in one show previous to this, but I had fallen in love with Drama Club and wanted to be a part of it for as long as I could. Alice in Wonderland is a series that I’m very familiar with and I’ve read the books several times over; I really like the lack of grounded rules, and that anything could theoretically happen at any time, with a flair of whimsical color.

Do you have any stories from rehearsals?

I had recently heard that Figg held aerial lunches in the PAC for those who wanted to work on their aerial moves, and I decided to go down and see what it was like; it ended up being a ton of fun to have lunch and also be able to do cool tricks on the different apparatuses.

Alice in Wonderland is about a fantastical land with many famous characters and Alice who ventures throughout.  How have you connected to the story?  

As an artist, I love being able to make what seems impossible in the real world come to life in a frame, or in this case a stage. Being able to express myself in theatre is something that I haven’t been able to do in many other places, so it’s a really cool feeling to be able to be a part of a reality where anything is possible.

You are using a script that was created at Homestead in 2015, how have you changed it?  What have you added or taken away?

We took away this book that Alice carried through the entire show because the book really seemed to rip the audience away from the experience of Wonderland. Something we added that I believe was a good choice was the addition of certain blocking choices that really added to the humor and wackiness of Wonderland, allowing the audience to better immerse themselves into this fantastical world.

What’s one thing that is different in this play or rehearsal process than anything else we’ve done in the Homestead Theatre Department?

The only other show I was in was Secret in the Wings which was very different from all other shows from what I’ve heard, so I don’t believe I have enough knowledge of the other shows to answer this.

Anything else you want to talk about?

P is the best letter of the alphabet

Come see “Alice in Wonderland” Oct 21 and 22 at 7pm and Oct 23 at 1pm

Purchase Tickets Here

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