Mikado Rehearsals

So, December has started and with three weeks of “The Mikado” rehearsals under our belt, the cast, crews and pit get ready for a much needed break.  We still have a long way to go with music, acting and making the set and costumes, but what we have started is great.  Junior, Mari Duckler describes … More Mikado Rehearsals

Cultural influence of Gilbert and Sullivan

For the past 140 years or so, Gilbert and Sullivan have pervasively influenced popular culture in the English-speaking world. Lines and quotations from the Gilbert and Sullivan operas have become part of the English language, such as “short, sharp shock“, and “let the punishment fit the crime.” The Savoy operas heavily influenced the course of … More Cultural influence of Gilbert and Sullivan

The Mikado Synopsis

What’s a teenager to do when his parent insists he marry an older woman? (Particularly if she looks like a cross between Cruella Deville and Maleficent.) Add to this that his parent’s word is law because their the Ruler of the land,  and also into heavy discipline. For example, the Ruler of the Land has passed some pretty stiff laws to … More The Mikado Synopsis

10 Reasons Why Anime Nerds are Highly Satisfied in Life

With our musical The Mikado starting in a few weeks, I wanted to address the elephant in the room…. that fact that we are doing an Anime/Cosplay version of this famous operetta.  Here are a few reasons why you all stop being weirded out by being able to play anime characters…. Lifestyle by Kayla Matthews … More 10 Reasons Why Anime Nerds are Highly Satisfied in Life